Interview with Brittney Sahin! Author of “The Safe Bet”

unnamed-1AAR: First let me start off by saying that I truly appreciate your work, and I enjoy your stories and how you capture what our military does for us, their dedication to keep us safe, and then what they have to live thru, you help us appreciate it.

AAR:  When did you decide to write? How did you get to the moment, that this is what I want to do?

Brittney: I think I was born with a pencil and paper in my hand – I’ve been writing since I learned how to!

I wrote my first book when I was in third grade, and I gave it to my teacher and never got it back! From age 13 to 18 I worked on a novel, which was about 500 pages in length, but I obsessed over making it perfect and never finished it (wish I still had that floppy disk it was saved on!) I toyed around with other books for awhile but once I began a career as a teacher I stopped writing. A few years ago I moved to another state, and my husband told me that this was the time for me to follow my dreams, and so my first book was published in 2015.

AAR: Wow, we are dating ourselves, floppy disks, that is unheard now.

 In The Safe Bet we are introduced to Michael Maddox, who I am in love with, help us understand how you came up with his character, which you liken to Superman?

Brittney: Well, I respect our military men and women, and I think they’re the true heroes – so couple that with a man that also looks similar to Superman – and I’m in love. Michael comes across as cold and steely, but on the inside his heart is huge – and I always love a misunderstand man (the mystery!)… I also like a take-charge alpha male (not a jerk), but a man that will take a bullet or jump in front of a bus for the woman he loves (even though he isn’t actually Superman).

AAR: So now we have Michael out of the way, what inspired you from Kate?

Brittney: Interestingly enough, the entire book, as well as Kate’s character originally came from that novel I wrote when I was 13-18, but I ‘aged’ it a bit and modified the story – so Kate has kind of been with me for twenty years! I feel like I know her. I am also a bit of a crazy planner like Kate (love lists and so forth), and I’m a poker shark … so some of her quirks come from me!

 AAR: I noticed that you have a theme in the first 3- 4 books, they are military, your facebook is I Heart Military- Is there a message you would like your readers to receive, give to us now so that I can share it.

Brittney: I would say a lot of my books will have military men in them simply because A) I admire them so much B) I respect them a lot C) and well, they’re sexy in their uniform & totally badass… With that said, my ultimate goal has always been to give back to our veterans the way I had Michael Maddox do in his book.

AAR: So tell me, what can we expect coming up? Or would you like to surprise us?

Brittney: I enjoy writing both romance suspense and contemporary romance. I’m mostly known for romance suspense (military), but I do plan to continue writing in both sub-genres. Of course, all of my books have varying degrees of suspense (even my love story, The Story of Us) . . . I just can’t help myself. Gotta have some intrigue, right?

My book, Someone Like You (a contemporary romance military), releases October 12th, and it stars a former Navy Seal. There’s potential to have a spin-off romance suspense series of Navy SEALs from this book as well. At some point, I’d also like to finish the Hidden Truths series and wrap it up with book 5, but I have to write the story that currently speaks to me, and Grace’s brother in the book, Someone Like You, is screaming in my ears he wants his story (so we’ll see what happens)!!




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